Providing Comprehensive Anesthesia Care for the Front Range

Your Operation

Pre-Operative Preparation

The thought of having surgery can be frightening, and we want to make your surgical experience both pleasant and safe. The following information will help you prepare for your procedure. It is important to follow these instructions in addition to those from your anesthesiologist, surgeon, and pre-operative nursing personnel.  Read More …

Intra-Operative Anesthesia Managment

During your operation at Boulder Community Hospital you will be under the continual care of a Board Certified Anesthesiologist member of Boulder Valley Anesthesiology.    

Once in the operating room you will be attached to multiple monitors and most likely will have an oxygen mask placed over your face.   Read More … 

Post-Operative Anesthesia Care

After the conclusion of your surgery you will usually be moved to the PACU, or Post Anesthesia Care Unit, which is commonly called the “Recovery Room”.  This will most likely be the first thing you remember after your surgery.  Here you will be cared for by specially trained Recovery Nurses under the direction of your anesthesiologist.  These nurses are experts at monitoring, assuring adequate respiration, assessing and controlling any pain that you may be experiencing, controlling any nausea, and generally making you comfortable as you recover from the effects of your anesthetic.  Read More …


IMPORTANT - This website is intended to provide an introduction to information as it relates to the practice of anesthesiology and is not intended to be construed as medical or anesthesia advice for your or any other particular situation. For additional information please Click Here.